TammerSec - Tampere Security Community

Homepage for the TammerSec

We are still here: TreSec at meetup.com and in Twitter.

Chatting is possible at CitySec Mattermost, courtesy of Disobey.

Check out the other CitySec groups at CitySec.fi.

Upcoming events

At the moment, meetups are not happening because of Covid-19 situation. We will be back when the situation is in control.

Meetup 02 / 2020, 28.5.

Cancelled. Was supposed to happen at Vincit HQ at Hervanta.

28.5. Meetup, sponsored by Vincit

Past events

Meetup 01 / 2020, 3.3.

3.3. Reboot Meetup, sponsored by Solita

This happens in Solita HQ at Peltokatu 26.

The same format as before - we will have talks, discussions, some refreshments. Maybe people will go to some place after the “official” event.

Talks / topics